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We know you have your clients’ best interests at heart.

Help them gain access to a network of compassionate doctors and keep more money in their pockets. Tell them about one of the health insurance plans that offers access to the Mountain View Network.

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Why Recommend the Mountain View Network?

We know your clients have many options when it comes to their health insurance. Here are the top three reasons they should consider a Mountain View Network health insurance plan.

Care Coordination Services

Patients facing health conditions often need to manage multiple appointments with several different providers. The Mountain View Network has a team of nurses who provide care management services to individuals who need help outside of their doctor appointments. These nurses provide guidance on preventative health needs, help patients manage current health needs, explain any follow up treatments a provider may have prescribed and assist with other needs related to your well-being, such as nutrition, transportation to and from medical appointments and much more.

Referral Coordination

Referral coordinators with the Mountain View Network assist patients with referrals and help them save money by staying in-network. If our team is not able to find in-network care, we will work to provide an exception referral, so our patients can receive the care they need, while still paying in-network rates.

A Powerful Network with a Wide Range of Choices

Individuals who sign up for the Mountain View Network will have access to all of the providers at Mountain View Hospital, Idaho Falls Community Hospital or one of their partner clinics, giving them access to primary care physicians, orthopedists, neurologists, oncologists, nephrologists, pulmonologists and every type of specialist they may need. Mountain View Network is also recruiting physicians outside of its health system to give Idahoans as many choices as possible.

Designed to Save Idahoans Money

The Mountain View Network is designed to keep more money in patients’ pockets. Monthly healthcare premiums are lower, and we have negotiated reduced costs for services.